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On July 20, 2018

We live in a noisy world and we believe that the home needs to be the place to quiet our minds. Nina found home designs are inspired by travels through time and space, gathering inspirations from art, culture, nature, places, or epochs.

Nina Found Home design approach and color palettes are, essentially, minimalistic. They use 100% pure premium Long Staple Egyptian Cotton in sateen weave for an extremely soft and smooth sensation. With its subtle luster, Cotton Sateen is famous for its luxurious look. Nina Found Home started in Bali in 2017. The inspiration, design, styling, and the production of their pilot collection took place there followed by the launch of their online store. After a gratifying success Nina Found Home decided to go bigger, this time out of Cairo, Egypt, the land of the world’s best cotton and linens. They’re bringing their designs and inspiration to the hands of Egyptian artisans! All their products are handcrafted in Egypt.“Throughout my 20’s and even early 30’s I never had the chance to furnish and style a residence. I never needed to or had the opportunity to do so. Chance finally came by in Bali, Indonesia, where I lived for close to 2 years and was totally fascinated by the renowned fabulous interiors of the tropical island” says Nesrine Abotaira founder of Nina Found Home.

“As I was furnishing my villa there, naturally the first thing one would look for to be ready to move in is the bed linens! Surprisingly I didn’t find anything that was close to what I was looking for. The options were either plain white hospital like linens of low quality cotton, or imported brands wrapped in plastic and sold in department stores lacking any sense of authenticity, intimacy or inspiration. It was almost impossible to find simple linens with great fabric quality, fabulous colors and subtle design details to make them special. So yes! you’ve guess it! I decided to start my own brand of home styling, starting by the linens and Nina Found Home was born. The inspiration, design, and styling of our mainline collections took place in Bali where we also produced our first collection and opened our online store in 2017. After a gratifying success we decided to go for a bigger step and move the operation to Cairo, Egypt, my home country and the land of the world’s best cotton and linens :)”For more info about their work check their Facebook page and follow their Instagram account @nina_found_home



Last modified: June 20, 2018